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Art San’s professional journey has taken over 25 years and counting. There have been many life-changing twists and turns that have become...

Meet Art San
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Meet Art San

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In order to ensure that my clients get the best holistic services possible, I have personally sought out...

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I spent almost 5 years in pain with a hip problem that never was accurately diagnosed. Turns out, it wasn't a diagnosis that was necessary.... just the Pain Eraser! After working with Art for a couple of months, I experienced more relief than I had after years of physical therapy, acupuncture, cortisone injections and chiropractic sessions.

When I recently experienced a couple of new pain issues, I knew just who to call.
Thanks, Art!
Mikki Soliday

I am someone who has had shiatsu massage for over 40 years. I had several areas of my body: my hands, neck, shoulders and lower back massaged, the therapist has delivered excellent results. In addition, he also does a face sculpting massage that keeps me looking young. He is Art San, the Pain Eraser and he is Ichiban!
Michi, Monterey Park

In the spring of 2007, I had surgery and then injuried my back and then badly sprained my ankle. By fall, 2007, my back hurt so badly, so constantly that I needed medication to sleep and could not even walk my dog. Art Sanchez was referred to me by my personal trainer, who was a witness to my constant agony. I was truly worried that I would have to give up SCUBA diving - which I love with a passion - because of the pain. After working with Art "the PainEraser" Sanchez for about a month, my back pain has so substantially subsided that I am looking forward to many more years of diving, MUCHAS GRACIAS, SENOR SANCHEZ.
Lisa MacCarley

"As an athlete and personal trainer, it is important that my clients and I are able to move pain free. Thanks to Art I have experienced increased flexibility and decreased pain in such a short period of time. Now I am able to give my clients the opportunity to experience "The Pain Eraser".
Aaron Smith 
562) 449 9720

"He is the Ultimate Pain Eraser."
Razor Rob McCullough - WEC Lightweight Champion

I deliver ultimate pain and Art can deliver ultimate pain relief.
TIKI, MMA pro fighter.
UFC Veteran, Super Brawl Veteran, King of the Cage veteran, WEC veteran and WFA veteran

Congratulations to Art Sanchez on becoming Southern California's newest Certified Master Coach! ... His leadership at CCF is one of the reasons why our training programs are becoming known as the very best in the coaching industry.
Derrick Sweet
Chairman and CEO of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Corporation

Art, Thank you for relieving my neck stiffness. When I make lane changes while I am driving, I wasn't able to turn my neck enough to the side. But after your two skillful treatments, I am able to turn my neck with ease. And the work you did on my feet is also great, you are the pain eraser!
Inna Chon
Pedorothist, Owner Good Feet Store

Art is an artist, his art goes beyond the mere use of his hands to treat pain, or his learned technics for hypnosis. It is his art of caring and recognition of the value of each individual that makes him unique. I recommend Art as a pain eraser, a hypnotherapist, and a Life Coach.
Farzad Farahmand, D.C.

My name is Mike Page.  I trained in martial arts for 13 years, mostly in full contact styles.  After just one session, I regained much of the lost flexibility and regained my range of pain-free motion.  Whether you are a contact fighter or train for recreation, I strongly recommend that you see Arturo Sanchez for his healing treatments.
Mike Page

In the six months time he helped me transform my body and lose 15 pounds.  Art is very knowledgeable  and is a great Health Coach.   I highly recommend Art Sanchez as a person and as a Health Coach.
John L. Holloway

Art San is amazing, and he does what he says - erase pain.  As a martial artist and black belt in 2 styles, my body goes through a great amount of physical exertion.  The Pain Eraser works, and his technique is incredibly effective.
Gregory Scott Festo

Art Sanchez is a professional massage therapist. He is knowledgeable about his subject. He works patiently with his clients and helps them understand what technique he is using for their betterment. Art is responsible and takes his job seriously. I recommend Art as a healing massage therapist.
Swaraj Kaur, Ph.D.
(818) 246 3399
125 N Maryland Ave., Glendale, CA 91206

I am an experienced energy healer/worker and reflexology, meditation instructor, recording artist and healing imagery artist.

In my work I meet a lot of people claiming to have some new miracle treatment that will cure everyone of everything, most of these claims are at best limited and at worst completely false. Art San is a refreshing exception to this finding.
Kristina Bloom CRM
( )

He performed with excellent standards of care and handled himself in a professional and with courteous demeanor.  I would highly recommend Mr. Sanchez.
Mario A. Vargas, D.C.

Art San has one of the very few approaches I've come across that gets to the root of a problem and enables fundamental healing to begin.  He's helped me a great deal.
David W. Affeld, Attorney at Law.
  • Salar Farahmad, Ph.D., OHM, LAC
  • Dr. Kar Swarj Kaur, Ph.D., MBA (
  • Dr. Mario Vargas, DC, Vargas Chiropractic (
  • Dr. Joel Mendoza, Discover Chiropractic
  • Dr. Don Kim, DPM, QME, FACFAS, Kim Foot & Ankle Centers, Inc. (www.,
  • Dr. Frank S. Om, LAc (
  • Dr. Dina Lopez, Optometrist, Vision Plus Optometry, Inc. (
  • Kristina Bloom, Reiki Master

Instructional Applications:

Martial Artists:

  • Yong Moon, Ph.D., Great Grand Master, 10th Degree Black Belt
    The World Martial Arts Federation (
  • Ari Moon, Ph.D., Grand Master, 8th Degree Black Belt, The World Martial Arts Federation, (
  • David Affeld, Esq., 4th Degree Black Belt
  • Gregory Scott Festo, 2nd Degree Black
  • Jason Chase, Black Belt

Professional Thesis Coaching and Formatting

Art San, The Pain Eraser, has magic hands. After each treatment my pain was tremendously reduced and my range of motion was increased. I felt at least 10 years younger! Thanks Art!!
-Don Trepany, D.C.

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