Meet Art San

Art San’s professional journey has taken over 25 years and counting. There have been many life-changing twists and turns that have become...

Meet Art San
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Meet Art San

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In order to ensure that my clients get the best holistic services possible, I have personally sought out...

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Welcome to Life and Wellness Center!

Let me become your navigator. I will help you chart out the most direct course towards your dreams . . .

Welcome pain sufferers and those who genuinely are seeking successful guidance for your acute and chronic pain.

Pain is merely a symptom and not the actual problem, just like drugs are not the cause for drug abuse, it is just a symptom.  Let us explore the many causes to pinpoint and in order to better identify and then address the problem at its source.

Life’s daily stressors along with many repetitive physical tasks and activities may also trigger much of your current pain and suffering.  Today many people live in misery.  Simply put, it is as if a storm cloud is just hovers over your head feeling as if there is no end in sight.

I am prepared to help you explore the many possibilities in order to bring you into a higher quality of life that you desire.

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